Saturday, July 3, 2010

work stuff

Its been a long week and someone at work is showing her true colors. I find it funny how I have a crying child, throwing up all over the place, 10 other kids and i'm by myself and no one asks me if i need help or even checks up on me. but the princess comes to work and she gets help all the time and shes not even grateful about it. So yesterday i guess the child threw up everywhere and she asked for help but no one helped her and she was being a total bitch and just angry about it. Almost like a child having a tantrum, kinda pathetic. But yeah she snapped at me about me going to lunch and other things. And then when i come back she leaves really fast and doesnt even tell me what to do with her kids. W/E Oh and i love how she decorates cupcake with them on the day she leaves early. Those kids took the cupcakes home, hahahah. But a little bird told me dont trust her, tell her nothing. But its funny how shes so mean with those kids, maybe i should say something cause its mean like really mean. she expects them to act like grown ups, they are only 2 or 3. I'm tired of working near the princess, really truly am. And seriously im over it

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Date update

So I had a really good date with this guy. We've been talking for a while and kind of bonded over having bad dates. So finally we met up and went out to dave and busters, we had fun. We played some games at first then sat down and talked for a long time about everything. Then he was hungry so we went out to eat afterwards. He walked me to my car later and we kissed a bit. And it was nice, and a really good date. Then the next night I was supposed to go to a friends bday party but traffic and parking were really bad and I told her I cant make it. i was very annoyed. So he texted me and asked how the party was, I told him probably gonna leave, cant find parking. Then I kinda joked and said "i'd ask you to meet me but its late" He said "sure i'll meet you" So we went to dennys then made out in the parking lot for like an hour, lol. Ok now I dont mean to sound like a snob or superficial or whatever but he has no money and hes mentioned it to me before. We were supposed to hang out on memorial day and he said he cant cause hes broke. And we went out last night but during the week he tells me that most of his check is for the rent so we have to do something casual which is fine and all but is it wrong that I want someone who can afford to take me out. I dont mean expensive places, but out to dinner or whatever. I mean hes 30, he should have some kind of savings or something. I mean hes nice but I cant see it going anywhere. Cause I mean what kind of future can I have with someone whos broke most of the time. I know hes nice and all but I need someone with goals, some kind of financial security. Hes nice to have fun with but thats pretty much it. I cant see myself with him for a long time, hopefully he feels the same way. I dont know, he doesnt have a great job, dropped out of college and just doenst really do much with his time. Hes kind of a homebody which is fine. But its a bit sad, pathetic that he does nothing. I'm just gonna have fun cause i cant really see it going anywhere

Sunday, May 23, 2010

need help

Wow its been awhile. Nothing new, probably no one reads this but I really need advice especially a guys advice!! Ok so last week I went to this wine tasting place with my friend and her husband and a whole bunch of their friends. Now she has a friend that I met a few times, we got along but never really talked alone. So she tells me hes gonna be there, so i'm like ok. He gets there, i just say hi and he sits away from me to talk to my friend. Then he gets up get some wine and sits near me, and he asks how I am doing then we start talking. At first its me, him and a few other friends talking but then its just me and him. He asks me questions about me and I do the same and then its like its just the two of us talking. And the conversation flowed really well. My friend gets up and wants to eat so they leave but me and him stay, then other friends leave and we are all alone. So we're talking about everything and my friends return but me and him are still just talking and just having fun. then finally I realize its late so I tell him I have to leave. He walks me to my car and tells me how much fun it was, he gives me a hug, i can tell he wanted to kiss me but her tells me that he'll see me the next outing then he tells me next time he goes to the winery he'll call me. Then he gets my number, texts me and tells me "now you have my number" Stupid me never checks my phone cause i never got a text. So either he has the wrong number or it never went through. So i text my friend on what to do and she texts him saying that I never got his message so hope he doesnt have the number wrong. He never responds. And he never texted me, now I'm pretty good at knowing when a guy will call and if a guys interested so now I dont know what to do. Either I just wait for him to call or text, or maybe I just send him a casual note on facebook next week or maybe he will just message me when he can go out. I dont know what to do. Cause i know hes on my friends facebook and I can send a really casuall message like "oh btw never got a message from you so hope you arent texting the wrong person" And just act like I never asked my friend to text him. So help please, i really like him and hes not a db and hes funny, cute and like perfect for me. Ugh I'm so stupid, should've looked at my phone

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

back from my trip

My trip was lovely, got to hang out with my cousin and her family. And got to see other family that i have not seen in many, many years. Talked about family drama, lol So much of it in our family. but yeah i did everything that i wanted to do and relaxed a bit. Its nice to be in a house with no crazy construction, lol. But on another note, he and i never met up. i dont know if hes telling the truth or not, guess i have to believe him but my bitter, cynical side just doesnt believe any man anymore. Now is it fair for me to label all men dbs? Ok so this is his excuse. He told me he asked for days off and they never got approved. Then on sunday i was annoyed with him and didnt text him back all day so he tells me that hes sorry but he wanted to meet up but 3 people at work are out on vaca and hes stuck working. I mean that could be true and i know that he works long crazy shifts and i know that he works lots of OT. But still a small part of me wished he would have tried harder to see me but then again if i was working 18 hr shifts all week i would probably not wanna go out either. But who knows. so yeah thats his story and i dont know what to do. I dont know where we stand. I'm just gonna not worry about it like i normally do and just let him chase me and i'll just not talk to him as much.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

getting nervous

So in less then a week i will be flying to Jersey to visit my cousins and to meet a guy that hopefully is not a DB, but so far so good. I really nervous about flying cause well I hate it. I try not to think of it cause it really freaks me out. And well i'm really nervous about seeing matt cause well he seems like a really good guy and i have no idea what will happen. Part of me is so over men and so cynical towards them all that I kinda dont care. but then of course theres that part of me that kinda believes he really is a good guy and to stop worrying so much. I mean i dont know whats really gonna happen. He's so far away and i dont wanna get hurt again. But I think we are either gonna just stay friends or more. I doubt hes gonna be an ass. But who knows but yeah I'm a nervous wreck and well I gotta go shop and buy some stuff today. and start packing a little. I'm sure to write more later on this week.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kinda weird

So lately DB's have been contacting me, no idea why. There is one that I swear can not take a hint but is starting to a bit more then before. Then there is another that I used to talk to on some dating site like a few years ago but he was weird, we never even met and he was so in love with me and would just creep me out so I stopped talking to him. I lied and said I had a bf. And recently he imed me and was being all creepy again so i blocked him. Then theres the guy who kept leaving me at the table. He texted me, apologized for being a jerk and tried to ask me out again, I said no and havent responded to any of his texts. And lately when i go out I see some of them but they dont see me, its weird. And still Matt from jersey is not a DB. By now i would've been able to tell cause he would have stopped talking to me. So who knows what'll happen. I'm getting a bit more nervous about my trip now. I dont know whats gonna happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So its official August is a crazy month for me. I'm so very happy that i'm not going to school. I have so many parties and things going on now. I'm most looking forward to my cousin coming to visit, thats gonna be lots of fun. And our house is still being remodeled and its crazy. Its nice to have some time off of men, it really is. And my mom keeps bugging me to online date again and i tell her no. I wanna meet them the old fashioned way. While i'm not looking. I mean it would be nice to have a guy and all but honestly i'm enjoying myself. Just hanging out with friends and truly enjoying life. I dont have time to deal with another DB. Now the guy in Jersey is different cause we'll meet up when i go there but i'm seeing it more as a friends thing. Cause well we never met and we might meet and it could be totally awful or not. Only thing i'm sure of is hes not a DB. And well if he cant meet up with me then i know its just a friends thing. I dont know i'm so down with guys that I have no real expectations anymore when it comes to them. Honestly i just want us to get along and hang out and if something happens, it happens. But i'm more loooking forward to seeing my cousins who i havent seen in forever. Thats gonna be fun and visiting a new place. there are so many places i wanna travel to. And i hope i get to someday